Tuesday, April 15, 2008

SAO NAM @ Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur

Today my girlfriend has passed her exam, she is very happy. So, I bring her to this award winning restaurant to have a lunch. The restaurant is called SAO NAM and is serving Vietnam food and is located in Plaza Sri Hartamas. There is quite number of Vietnam in the town by this day, let's see what is so special about it.

There is many cultured food in the menu, but we are ordering the set lunch as the waiter recommended. The set lunch include two spring rolls, one main dish, and a cup of tea.

Here is the spring roll. It tastes quite nice with the source. Actually, you need to mix all the vegetable with the spring roll and eat together.

Now there is a larger version of spring rolls. The vegetable is well fit for a spring roll, and now mix with the slice carrot and vegetable. It will be nice to eat.

This is the main dish of mine, it is called sweet sour fillet mee hun. It is really sweet and sour compare to others. It had included the star fruit in the soup with tomato, and fish fillet. It is really nice for the soup.

This is the full set of lunch. A cup of tea + spring roll + main dish (noodle). The noodle my girlfriend ordered is famous Vietnam beef noodles.

Plaza Sri Hartamas
Imperial Vietnamese Cuisine
Lot P-36, 2nd floor,
Hartamas Shopping Center, Plaza Damas,
Jalan Sri Hartamas 1, Kuala Lumpur, 50480
Tel: 03 - 62010225


Thursday, April 3, 2008

Tao Cuisine @ e-Gate, Penang

Tao Cuisine is a restaurant that serving Japanese and Asian cuisine in buffet style. Unlike others buffet restaurant which is serving ready made food for customer, it come with the Menu order. It is recommended to take buffet than the single order because they use the same menu. It is a place for Japanese cuisine lover, you can order unlimited dishes you like.

Motoyaki Scallop
This is my favorite. Scallop with the spicy source. The scallop was so fresh and the source taste a little spicy.

This is the regular Japanese food. Not much to describe, it is same served with other restaurant.

Sary Abalone
Here comes the abalone. It is a fresh abalone slice serve with mayonnaise. It tastes very nice.

Shoga su Ika
Squid slices serve in vinegar and ginger. I not really like this because it taste strange to me. If you like sashimi and vinegar, this will be your choice.

Steam Unagi
This is my first time to eat the steam Unagi. It tastes lesser than the ordinary Unagi but is feeling fresh when eating this steam Unagi.

Crabmeat with Cheese
The dumpling with crabmeat and cheesy source. The crabmeat in cheese taste is very good. but the size of the dumpling is small. One plate definitely not enough.

Tempura Shrimp & Veg
Here comes japanese famous Tempura. The prawn is very fresh and well fried. It taste very nice with the special source provided.

A will baked seafood in a stick mix with lantern law.

Tempura Prawn Roll
The tempura prawn in sushi serve with the black sesame and the special source. There is nothing to say about the taste, it is a must try prawn roll.

Odent Soup
A very fresh soup make with the vegetable. It is nice to have the soup when you have eat all the food above.

Kimuchi Kaisen Nabe
This was the another favorite of me. It is a korean soup with Kimchi, it will open up your appetite.

It was just the dishes order by me and my girl friend. There are a lot more from the menu. Please clear your stomach before you go to eat.

Tao Authentic Asian Cuisine & Sushi
e-Gate, Penang, Malaysia (Next to Tesco)



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